Current Projects

[image description: This is a collage of five images.The top left image is of braids made of brown fabric representing the root system of the tree of life. Over the braids are scattered postcards with black and cream-coloured block prints: spiral and rippled lines that look like water, human stick figures, an arrow through a circle. The top right image is of a quilt depicting details of the aanishnawbe 13 moons calendar, featuring a seated figure drumming and a gathering around a fire. The middle image is of torn pieces of birch bark with written words faintly visible. The title of the production, Talking Treaties, is overlaid on the image. The bottom left image is of antique-looking mirrors, kettles and bottles, gifts which were part of the Toronto Purchase. In the last image, bottom right, a person is partly visible: their bent knees and feet, their arm and hand. They are standing on a canvas with a map drawn upon it, and braided fabrics that look like rivers and lakes. The person's hand is outstretched as they pick up one of five small, beige and brown, felt longhouses.]