Talking Treaties Audio Gallery

Talking Treaties Audio Gallery

Come to Talking Treaties Audio Gallery! This is the outcome of the first research phase exploring Treaties in Toronto - a partnership between Jumblies and First Story Toronto, with Lead Artist Ange Loft (thanks to the Metcalf Foundation). Come and have a listen, bring your families, and share far and wide!

Talking Treaties Audio Gallery
June 23 – 25: 12:00 – 5:00The Ground Floor 132 Fort York BlvdPresented by Jumblies Theatre and First Story Toronto
funded by Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal AffairsFeaturing audio art created by
LAL (Rosina Kazi and Nic Murray), Adrienne Marcus Raja, Alaska B, and Ange Loft

From Interviews with
Lee Maracle, Duke Redbird, Rebeka Tabobondung, Bonita Lawrence, Ed Sackaney, and Andrew Wesley.

Interviews collected by

Lilia Leone, Julia Hune Brown, Rosina Kazi, and Mindy Stricke
FREE. Accessible venue.June 26: 1:00-5:30
Talking Treaties at George Brown: Knowledge Sharing, Music, and Discussion
Waterfront campus, 51 Dockside Drive

The Audio Gallery is part of the Research and Development Phase of Talking Treaties: an artist-community collaboration in partnership with First Story Toronto (formerly The Toronto Native Community History Project) involving Jumblies’ diverse community participants at The
Ground Floor. Talking Treaties involves arts-based research, presentations and creative workshops spanning a period of 3 months, a culminating in the audio gallery, and at George Brown.
The lead artist is Angela Loft, Assistant Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre – working with a diverse team of movement, theatre, and word artists, to further Jumblies’ community-engaged initiative to learn and express Toronto’s still little-known Indigenous history.
The Audio Gallery features 7 or 14 interviews collected over the past 2 months. With audio responses to a set of treaty related questions, the text was selected by the interview team, and re-worked into thematic pieces by Jumblies audio artists. Each piece runs 5 minutes, with themes of Toronto land and aboriginal historic locations, acknowledgement, urban treaty, and “skulduggery” or historical underhanded treaty processes. 
First Story and Jumblies share an interest in increasing awareness of Indigenous and treaty history and current realities amongst Toronto’s diverse residents, by creating engaging, topical, and responsive content and accessible and thoughtful activities for participants of varied ages, cultures, abilities and perspectives.
All events are free of charge. All welcome.
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