Au revoir to Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge

Last week, Ruth and Keith of Jumblies and Beth of the Community Arts Guild had a celebratory tea party at the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Gardener’s Cottage to mark the end of Jumblies’ residency there since 2008. Susan Kohler, of the City’s Arts Services – Jumblies’ catalyst partner for the Scarborough residency – gave Jumblies a lovely painting of the cottage to hang in our new space and  gave Beth an orchid to enliven the Gardener’s Cottage.

We have so many pleasant and powerful memories from our years at Cedar Ridge and in Scarborough. It’s bittersweet to move on.

It isn’t goodbye, though, but “see you soon!”, as Jumblies staff and artists will be back to visit and collaborate with the Community Arts Guild (Jumblies’ latest Offshoot) as it continues to operate from this home-base to offer community arts activities to local residents.

Thanks once again to Toronto Arts Services and Cedar Ridge Creative Centre and Gallery, Nadira Pattison, Susan Kohler, Andrea Raymond, Joy Hughes,  for being such wonderful hosts and partners.