Marilyn Tate (Chair)
Manager at the Public Health Agency of Canada, Camp Naivelt community member, production participant, mother of three Jumblies participants.

Maggie Hutcheson(Deputy Chair)
Artist, PhD candidate and lecturer at York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies, and documenter, artist and researcher on several past Jumblies projects

Emily Chan (Treasurer)
Teacher, Alpha Alternative School

Sharada K. Eswar
Musician, Singer & Storyteller

Esther Pflug
IT specialist, graphic designer, participant with her daughter for several past Jumblies projects.

Tomas Cavalheirso-Chin
Jumblies youth participant & criminology student

Duke Redbird
Artist/Poet Cultural Consultant

Ester Reiter
Senior Scholar at York University

Susanne Burkhardt
Parks Planner, City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation

Former Board Members: 

Faduma Ahmed Alim
Paul Bennett
Nadya Burton
Melanie Fernandez
Lisa Freeman
Denisse Jackson (founding Chair)
Deb Konecny (founding member)
Kathryn Penwill
Julie Salverson
Lucy Xu
Tim Chapman
Michelle Pursle
Chandra Kolamba Tantrege
Mara Shaughnessy
Yonah Lewis