Organizational and Artistic

  • multi-year residencies in neighbourhoods and communities
  • collaboration and partnership on artistic projects
  • artistic and organizational consultation and mentorship
  • public speaking and presentations
  • individualized workshops development and delivery
  • workshop and rehearsal space rental


Learning & Development

  • Jumblies Studio – hands-on learning and practical resources
  • presentations for groups, organizations, schools, colleges and universities
  • mentorship for emerging and established artists and organizations
  • student placement opportunities (secondary and post-secondary)
  • internships within our ventures and activities of Jumblies, offshoots and partners
  • professional development courses, seminars, and workshops
  • project incubation support and mentorship

Resource Materials

  • Archival records of past ventures
  • Print and digital resources on community arts principles and practices
  • Critical writing & publications
  • Videos