Staff & Artists


Ruth Howard, Artistic Director
Ange Loft, Associate Artistic Director
Sharada Eswar, Assistant Artistic Director
Sam Egan, General Manager
Adrienne Marcus Raja, Media & Project Manager
Michaela Otto, Financial Coordinator


Beth Helmers, Mentorship Director
Shifra Cooper, Choir Director
Ahmed Hegazy
, Choir Manager, Admin Coordinator
Animikiikwe Couchie, Choreographer, Dancer, Arts Facilitator*
Tijana Spasic, Arts Facilitator & Outreach Coordinator
 Karis Jones Pard, Visual Artist, Arts Facilitator
Arie Verheul van de Ven, Resident Composer
Tamyka Bullen, Resident ASL Poet
Steafan Hannigan, Associate Technical Director
Victoria Freeman, Talking Treaties Project Manager
Catherine Moeller & Rakefet Arieli, Outreach & Wellness Coordinators
Joanna Prescod, Project Coordinator (Artfare)
Miranda Bouchard, Northern Ontario Liaison
Abir Abouel Sadaat, Cultural Interpretation, Outreach
Nadia Bello, Human Resources Consultant

*thanks to Metcalf Performing Arts Internship

COMPOSERS: Cheldon Paterson, Martin van de Ven, Christina Volpini, Robert Fleitz: CHOREOGRAPHERS: Kevin Ormsby, Michelle Silagy, Aria Evans, Brian Solomon, Lilia Leon, Penny Couchie, Jillia Cato, Michael Mortley, & others

Beth Helmers, Community Arts Guild
Leah Houston, MABELLEarts
Tijana Spasic, Arts4All
Miranda Bouchard, Thinking Rock Community Arts

… & many other artists and creative people contributing to our workshops, productions and learning and mentorship activities.

We are grateful to past core staff members, including:
Keith McNair, Managing Director (2008 to 2018)
Abby Callard, General Manager (2004 to 2008)
and many others who contributed to Jumblies organizational journey and growth.