Staff & Artists



Ruth Howard, Artistic Director
Ange Loft, Associate Artistic Director
Sam Egan, General Manager
Adrienne Marcus Raja, Artist & Media Coordinator
Jamie-lee Oshkabewisens, Artist & Facilities Coordinator (thanks to Miziwe Biik & the OAC Compass Program)
Tijana Spasic, Artist & Outreach Coordinator (thanks to the Metcalf Foundation Performing Arts Internship Program)
Michaela Otto, Financial Coordinator
Shifra Cooper, Choir Director
Steafan Hannigan, Associate Technical Director
Stacey Hare Hodgins, NW Ontario Project Coordinator (for Community Arts Exchange)

& many others artists and associates contributing to our workshops, productions and learning and mentorship activities.

Offshoot Artistic Directors:

Beth Helmers, Community Arts Guild
Elizabeth Rucker, Arts4All
Leah Houston, MABELLEarts
Michael Burtt, Making Room

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