Staff & Artist Profiles



Ruth Howard, Artistic Director
Ange Loft, Associate Artistic Director
Marianne Alas, Fabric & Culinary Artist
Sam Egan, Operations Manager
Julia Hune-Brown†, Performance & Arts Facilitator
Adrienne Marcus Raja∇, Media Coordinator
Michaela Otto, Financial Coordinator
Binaeshee-Quae Couchie-Nabigon*, Community Arts Intern
Heather Longζ, Community Arts Intern
Jamie-lee Oshkabewisens*, Community Arts Intern
Ashley Riley*, Community Arts Intern
Karis Jones-Pard√, Community Arts Intern

Artists & Associates:

Sofia Bohdanowicz, Filmmaker
Venetia Butler, Graphic Artist
Fiona Clarke, Writer
Shifra Cooper, Choir Director
Liam Coo, Photographer
Parker Dirks,  Visual Artist
Aria Evans, Choreographer
Victoria Freeman, Historian, Writer
Britta Johnson, Composer
Lilia Leon, Choreographer
Keith McNair, Development & Technical Consultant
Jackie Omstead, Theatre Artist
Sonja Rainey, Designer
Nikki Shaffeeullah, Theatre Artist & Evaluation Consultant
Martin van de Ven, Composer
Emilyn Stam, Musician
Daev Clysdale, Musician, Composer
Alex Eddington, Composer
Monica Pearce, Composer
Alejandra Nuñez, Musician
Lieke van de Voort, Composer
& many others, from Toronto and around the country taking part in our touring projects and artist exchanges.

Offshoot Artistic Directors:

Beth Helmers, Community Arts Guild
Elizabeth Rucker, Arts4All
Leah Houston, MABELLEarts
Michael Burtt, Making Room

† Thanks to funding from the Metcalf Foundation’s Performing Arts Internship Program
* Thanks to funding from Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training
√ Thanks to funding from Canada Summer Jobs
∞ Thanks to funding from Ontario Summer Experience
Ω Thanks to St. Stephen’s Neighbourhood House & Jobs Ontario
ζ Thanks to Cultural Human Resources of Canada (CHRC)
∇ Thanks to OAC Compass Program
Interns and mentored artists are also supported by funding Platform A (Ontario Trillium Foundation)