Staff & Artists



Ruth Howard, Artistic Director
Ange Loft, Associate Artistic Director
Sam Egan, General Manager
Adrienne Marcus Raja, Artist & Media Coordinator
Jamie-lee Oshkabewisens, Artist & Facilities Coordinator (thanks to Miziwe Biik & the OAC Compass Program)
Tijana Spasic, Artist & Outreach Coordinator (thanks to the Metcalf Foundation Performing Arts Internship Program)
Oshan Starreveld, Costume Technician & Production/Project Assistant (thanks to a CHRC Cultural Internship grant)
Karis Jones Pard, Production/Project Assistant, Assistant Stage Manager
Michaela Otto, Financial Coordinator
Shifra Cooper, Choir Director
Steafan Hannigan, Associate Technical Director
Stacey Hare Hodgins, NW Ontario Project Coordinator (for Community Arts Exchange)

& many others artists and associates contributing to our workshops, productions and learning and mentorship activities.

Offshoot Artistic Directors:

Beth Helmers, Community Arts Guild
Elizabeth Rucker, Arts4All
Leah Houston, MABELLEarts
Michael Burtt, Making Room

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