Jamie-lee Oshkabewisens

Aanii, Jamie-lee Oshkabewisens Dizhnikaaz, Wikwemkoong Doongibaa. Hello I’m Jamie–lee Oshkabewisens, I hail from Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve, on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. I’ve been in plays for 8 years with Debajehmujig Theatre and their Creation Centre, including  “Nanabush Steals the Fire”, “12” (12 days of Christmas 2014), “Spirit of the North” (2013), and “Global Savages” (2015). I also take part in an annual “Wilder Med Scenarios” with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (N.O.S.O.M). I’ve attended an Arts Educator Foundations workshop with the Royal Conservatory of Music & Debajehmujig. I was a travelling and host artist on Jumblies’ 2015 Train of Thought cross-Canada tour. Another notable educational credit is the Heritage Interpreter workshop. I am now a freelance artist, currently working on my own projects as well as working with Jumblies for a year (2018/19), thanks to funds from Miziwe Biik.