Liz Rucker

Liz Rucker, playwright and performer, is the artistic director of Arts4All, a community engaged arts project providing a creative playground for residents of Davenport West.

Liz is a graduate of York University Theatre program and a founding member of Number Eleven Theatre (ICARIA,1998; The Prague Visitor, 2003; and The Curious History of Peter Schlemihl, 2004). Over the past 15 years, Liz has been involved in many projects as story animator, playwright and theatre artist and realized numerous open theatre collaborations with artistic and diverse communities in Canada and abroad. Liz is an Associate Artistic Director with Jumblies Theatre, and continues to be a Drama and Story Animator at Bloorview Kids Rehab’s Centre for the Arts. As Artistic Director of Arts4All, Liz has led many large-scale collaborative community theatre projects including Your Name is Written in the Sky (2004), We Live Here (2009) I Was A Brave Child (2013), First Prize (2013) and Down In the Deeps (2014). Liz’s most recently performed piece was The View from Here, a libretto written with residents of Toronto’s City Place for a mini opera composed by Norbert Palej as part of Jumblies Theatre’s Touching Ground Composers Series.

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