Ruth Howard

Ruth Howard is the founding Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre. With Jumblies, she has created and lead a series of multi-year residencies resulting in large-scale performances: “Like An Old Tale” in Scarborough (2011), “Oy Di Velt Vet Vern Yinger” with Camp Naivelt (2008) and the 2009 Mayworks Festival, “Bridge of One Hair” in Etobicoke (2007), “Once A Shoreline” in Davenport West (2004), and “I’m Tapingi Too!” at Lawrence Heights (2001). As an independent artist, she produced South Riverdale’s “Twisted Metal and Mermaids Tears” in 2000 and other participatory projects that combine visual imagery, performance, music, movement, oral history and community arts practice.

Ruth is a graduate of Eastbourne College of Art and Design, the National Theatre School of Canada and the University of Toronto, has several decades of experience across Canada and in the U.K. as a set and costume designer on professional productions and large-scale community plays, and teaching credentials at many universities, colleges and schools.

She has won awards and distinctions for her work, including a 2005 Toronto Community Foundation “Vital People” Award, a 2007 Dora Nomination for costume design; in 2012, the Canadian Urban Institute’s “City Soul” Award and the Dora George Luscombe Award for Mentorship in Theatre; and, in 2015, a finalist position for the Rita Davies and Margo Bindhardt Toronto Arts Foundation Award for Cultural Leadership. Ruth’s most recent projects with Jumblies are the cross-country tour, Train of Thought (2015) and the Touching Ground Festival (coming up in 2017).

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