Platform A Grants


Deadline: October 28th, 2016!

Jumblies will once more be awarding Platform A Toronto Arts Council micro-grants of up to $1,000 for projects taking place between January and April 2017.


Jumblies’ Platform A grants are for artists and arts collectives interested in developing community-engaged arts projects and practices. By this we mean:

  • combining social and artistic goals and desires,
  • connecting with a non-arts community, group or or organization,
  • involving participants from this partnership in developing, creating and presenting the art work.

Platform A grants allow artists to test ideas and develop projects; develop skills, approaches and understanding; and increase their capacity to acquire subsequent funding to deliver viable and exciting arts activities and projects.

The emphasis is on depth of learning; quality of art and social engagement; and evaluation and documentation – rather than on a final product. It is often preferable to present an achievable first stage of an idea rather than the whole thing.


Jumblies Platform A grants are available to artists and artist collectives who:

  • have lived in Toronto for at least one year
  • have not in the past received a grant from the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council or Canada Council for the Arts
  • aren’t full-time students
  • are any age 18 and over
  • are from any arts discipline or tradition
  • have basic arts training or equivalent experience
  • would like to explore and build community-engaged arts skills and practice
  • have an idea that can unfold between Jan. and April 2017, and be represented at the Platform A showcase in June 2017
  • have either arranged to develop their project within Jumblies or one of our Offshoots or Partners, or can demonstrate a relationship with and support from another community partner

In some cases, a second Platform A grant may be awarded (by the same or one of the other partner organizations). Please ask if relevant.

Recipients of Platform A Grants, who have not already done so, are encouraged

to attend (free of charge) Jumblies’ Atfare Essentials, a 6-day intensive orientation workshop (this year schedule for December 10-16, 2016).

Each grantee will be assigned a Jumblies-affiliated mentor, for planning, ongoing guidance, final reflections and reporting.

Work supported by Platform A Micro-grants and final reports must be completed by April 30, 2017. Grantees and their work will be showcased at the annual A-Show in June 2017.

DOWNLOAD the application!


Contact Jumblies ( to outline your proposal, make sure it’s eligible, and gain some feedback and advice.

Submit a proposal that includes:

  • Your name, address, date of birth and contact information
  • Artistic background (CV or bio) or background of the collective
  • Your goals and desires for this project and longer-term
  • A short description of your project, including time-frame, artistic interests and how it involves and engages with people
  • Samples of previous art work (e.g. photos, video clips, written text, web-link)
  • The amount you are requesting (which can range from $250 to $1,000)
  • A simple budget to show how the funds will be used (including your own fees, any other expenses and any other relevant revenues)
  • One or two references if you don’t have a prior connection with Jumblies
  • Brief letter/message of confirmation from community partner if not Jumblies.

We accept written proposals in other languages (and can have them translated). You can also request an alternate interview application with a Jumblies-affiliated staff member.

For this option or for other information or help in applying, please fee free to contact us at or 416.203.8428.

Submit your application by OCTOBER 28, 2016:
by e-mail (before midnight):

The other Platform A Partners also offer Platform A Micro-Grants, each with slightly different criteria (as well as mentorship and other supports for youth, emerging and/or newcomer artists). To find out more, go to:

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