May 14th, 7-9pm: Public project intro and activities as part of larger local arts event at the Welland Museum!
May 15-24: Workshops with community groups
June 14-17: Public creative activities around Welland – details coming soon
June 18th: Public interactive installation and performance – Welland location tbd

Belongings (unpacking Welland) is a community arts project taking place in Welland Ontario, with Femmes du Feu Creations and Jumblies.

Belongings combines visual arts, storytelling, movement and music to explore what ‘belongs’ to us and how and where we ‘belong’.

Artists: Holly Treddenick, Ruth Howard, Deanna Jones, Kitsune Soleil, Sara Lou Stuart and others.
Partners: Welland Museum, Oak Centre, TOES and others.
Funders: Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council.

More info:!/events_belongings