blue skies, red earth & tall pines

blue skies, red earth & tall pines is a new Jumblies project, lead by Sharada Eswar. It explores stories, literal and metaphorical, about the varied borders people cross throughout their lives. The project launched in Summer and Fall 2021 with a podcast, and community workshops in the Brampton-Peel district, with the Rose Theatre, Broadening Horizons and Laadliyan. Participants bring the theme of borders and border crossings to life with the recognition that borders can be geographic, but also linguistic, religious, racial, sexual, emotional, psychological and cultural: physical places marked by barriers of walls or coasts, or only indicated by lines on a map or in our hearts. Borders are paradoxical, in that they both connect and divide.

blue skies, red earth & tall pines will continue as a Jumblies core multi-year project, drawing in various artists and community groups. Current aritsts, along with Sharada, include Lisa Harmer.

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Playwright, storyteller, singer and arts educator, Sharada Eswar’s work spans across multi disciplines and art forms. A graduate in Literature Studies, she trained to be a writer and a storyteller. Simultaneously she also immersed herself in Carnatic Music (south Indian classical music) in Chennai, India. She also took to many other styles including Hindustani Classical (Patiala Gharana) Rabindra Sangeet, Abhang and European. While maintaining her Veena studies, her interest shifted to the voice and storytelling. She was part of the team representing India at the India Abroad show in Paris and New York. She was also one of the three chosen by the Centres Culturels des Lions Club de Paris to present Indian culture in Normandy, France. Since then, she has been performing and teaching in Toronto and internationally, drawing on her own South Asian ancestry and heritage. A published children’s author, Sharade has recently been OAC’s Cultural Animato in Mississauga/Peel Region and is currently the Assistant Artistic Director of Jumblies.