Community Arts Exchange 2020

In the winter, we facilitated 3 Community Arts Exchanges in a work-in-progress production of ‘What Was My Backyard’, in partnership with the Community Arts Guild and Theatre Direct. We also supported 3 Toronto artists to take part in Aanmitaagzi’s Ice Follies at Nipissing First Nation/North Bay and hosted a residency at The Ground Floor with visiting artist Eleanor Albanese from Thunder Bay, assisted by Stacy.

In March, just before such things became impossible, Jumblies and Thinking Rock Community Arts got together to produce a week-long workshop in Thessalon Ontario – Crafting Community – bringing together Toronto and local Algoma region artists and crafters. Our Jumblies team drove back to Toronto on March 13th, just as everything was locking down. Since then, we have adapted and continued our Community Arts Exchange activities. 

In the summer, we facilitated 2 online workshops with Thinking Rock Community Arts as part of their bi-weekly artist gatherings, delivered a week of workshops with virtual AlgomaTrad, and sponsored 3 Toronto artists and 1 artist in Temagami to take part. We also engaged in a week-long real-live residency in the Ottawa Valley, facilitated by Ruth Howard with 8 local artist participants. The summer also involved invitations between Toronto and Northern Ontario artists to several of each other’s online activities.

This fall and winter we are bringing together Toronto and Northern Ontario artists in online rehearsals for a new musical and movement work to be presented at a virtual Festival in Vancouver on Nov 1st.  We are continuing to invite artists to attend other online workshops and events, with Jumblies, Thinking Rock, and other partners.

Also, in partnership with MABELLEarts, we are offering an online adaption of our Artfare Essentials workshop – now under the title The Art Of Community’. There are two choices of date and time. Each workshop includes 8 sessions, plus some choices and options for (digital) site visits and special events. For more info, visit here!


Miranda Bouchard: Northern Ontario Coordinator (April 2020 on)

Joanna Prescod: Toronto Coordinator (Sept 2020 on)

Stacey Hare Hodgins, Northwestern Ontario Coordinator: Sept 2019 – March 2020

Community Arts Exchange Artists & Activities

The Art of Community (Nov. 2020):

  • Jesse Wabegijig
  • Ben Clement
  • Michelle Peek
  • Damien Scott

BESA (Oct. 2020):

Ottawa Valley Workshop, Killaloe, Local Artists (Aug. 2020): 

  • Andy Trull
  • Jon Park-Wheeler
  • Cameron Montgomery
  • Dorian Pearce
  • Roberta Della-Picca
  • Anya Gansterer
  • Emma Pinto
  • Matt Lenzo

Summer/Fall Online Activities, 2020:

AlgomaTrad workshop
  • Catherine Moeller (from Toronto)
  • Arlette Ngung (from Toronto)
  • Rakefet Arieli (from Toronto)
  • Christen Kong (from Toronto)
  • Sherry Guppy (from Ottawa/Temagami)
  • Alicia Hunt (from Sault Ste Marie) 
  • Áine Schryer-O’Gorman (from Desbarats)
  • Robin Sutherland (from Debarats)
  • Miranda Bouchard (from Debarats)
  • Lisa Meschino (from Sault Ste. Marie/Toronto)
  • Betty Carpick (from Thunder Bay)
  • Eleanor Albanese (from Thunder Bay) 
  • Cameron Montgomery (from Killaloe)
  • Olivia Davies (from Pembroke)
  • Yi Jiao Chang Evans (Blind River/Toronto)
  • Tuija Hansen (Thunder Bay)

Crafting Community Workshop, Thessalon, Local Artists (Mar. 2020):

  • Catherine Moeller (from Toronto)
  • Arlette Ngung (from Toronto)
  • Rakefet Arieli (from Toronto)
  • Sherry Guppy (from Ottawa/Temagami)
  • Dawn Allard
  • Jamie Oshkabewisens
  • Jena Rice
  • Julie Schryer
  • Katie Huckson
  • Katrina Schell
  • Krista McCracken
  • Lisa Meschino
  • Miranda Bouchard
  • Nimikii Couchie
  • Oshan Starreveld
  • Pat O’Gorman
  • Robin Sutherland
  • Ruth Howard
  • Sam Egan
  • Sharon Hamlin
  • Sherry Guppy
  • Spencer Rice
  • Zach Low

Ice Follies, Nipissing (Feb. 2020): 

  • Ange Loft (from Toronto)
  • Karis Jones Pard (from Toronto)
  • Tijana Spasic (from Toronto)

Toronto Residency (Feb. 2020):

  • Eleanor Albanese (from Thunder Bay)
  • Stacey Hare Hodgins (from Thunder Bay)

What Was My Backyard? (Jan. 2020):

  • Sarah Gartshore (from Sudbury)
  • Binaeshee-Quae Couchie-Nabigon (from Pict River)
  • Kennedy Bomberry (from Six Nations)


MABELLEarts, Red Dress Productions, Community Arts Guild, Arts4All, Theatre Direct , Thinking Rock Community Arts, AlgomaTrad, Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio (OV-CAOS), Aanmitaagzi


Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council. 

Past Community Arts Exchanges: 2018/19, 2016/17, 2015, 2008-2014