Four Lands of Toronto

Jumblies partnered with Continuum to present two new works responding to the Four Lands project: one composed by Jason Doell (voices dangle like bells) and the other by Juliet Palmer (Quarry). The program will also include Spill, performed by Ryan Scott, and a structured improvisation by Jumblies’ artists and participants.

Composers: Jason Doell, Juliet Palmer, Erik Griswold
Musicians: Sarah Albu (soprano), Leslie Newman & Kaili Maimets (flute),
Anthony Thompson & Graham Lord (clarinet), Graham Mackenzie (oboe),
Ryan Scott, Daniel Morphy, Adam Campbell & Julia Chien (percussion), Raphael Arsenault (improviser)
with The Ground Floor Choir
Guest Choral Conductor: Hussein Janmohamed
Choreographer: Shula Strassfeld
Consulting Director: Varrick Grimes
Production/Stage Manager: Dylan Tate-Howarth
Lighting Designer: Jenny Jimenez
Installation Designer: Adrienne Marcus Raja, Parker Dirks
Site Sponsor: Evergreen Brick Works