Four Lands of Winnipeg


From Toronto/Ontario: Ruth Howard,Leah Houston, Adrienne Marcus Raja,
From Winnipeg: Lindsey Bond, Kelly Campbell, Darla Contois, Brandon Houle, René Joshi Sims, Albert McLeod, Ted Longbottom, Süss & others TBD

Partners & Contributors:

The Garrison
Red River College Aboriginal Program for College Enrichment and Transition
Siloam Mission
Ka Ni Kanichihk


Canada Council for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council

Project Opening

Creative Manitoba
300-245 McDermot Avenue
Friday, Jan. 12, 4:00 – 5:30pm

Artmaking Drop-In

The Edge Gallery & Urban Arts Centre
 611 Main Street
 Monday to Friday afternoons, Jan  15 to 19
2:00 – 5:00pm
 Tuesday to Friday evenings, Jan 16 to 19
6:30 – 8:30pm
 Workshops in other community locations:


Finale Event & Presentation

The Edge Gallery & Urban Arts Centre
611 Main Street
Saturday Jan. 20th, 2018
2:00 to 5:00pm

Artist Profiles

Ruth Howard

Ruth Howard is the founding Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre. She and Jumblies have created multi-year residencies resulting in large scale performances, in a series of Toronto neighbourhoods, resulting in large-scale productions and lasting Offshoot organizations. She has worked across Canada and in England as a theatre designer, has taught at many universities, colleges and schools, amentored many emerging artists and organizations, and won many awards for her work. In 2015 Ruth and Jumblies produced the west-to-east-coast Train of Thought tour with partners across the country. Her most recent projects with Jumblies include the May/June 2017 Touching Ground Festival of new works in Toronto and the ongoing Four Lands tour, visiting Winnipeg in January 2018.

Adrienne Marcus Raja

Adrienne explores a range of practices which blends in painting, puppetry, audio, installation, moving images, and photography. As a Malaysian with a Kelabit and Hainan ancestory, she is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living in Toronto. Her works has been presented nationally and internationally. She is an MFA graduate of Ryerson University in Documentary Media. She also holds a BA degree in Mass Communication and Television Production from Curtin University. She is the first recipient of Jumblies’ Al Levitt Memorial Award. She enjoys travelling as well as learning alongside people from different backgrounds and communities. She is currently the Tour Coordinator for Jumblies’ most recent collaborative touring project, The Four Lands. She is also Jumblies’ Arts Management Intern (thanks to an Ontario Arts Council Compass grant). 

Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell is an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, graphic arts, and music. They received their BFA from the University of Manitoba School of Art in 2017, and have completed several alternate art education programs since, including aceartinc.’s Cartae Open School, Plug In ICA’s summer institute, and a Creative Manitoba mentorship with artist Jaime Black. Their work has been shown throughout Winnipeg and has won several awards, including Nuit Blanche’s Emerging Voices grand prize and aceartinc.’s Scott Wachal memorial bursary.
Brandon Houle

Braiden Houle is an Indigenous actor from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He started acting when he was 11 years old when he started his young acting training at Manitoba Theatre for Young People. Since then, he’s been in a feature film, numerous plays and short films. At the age of 18, Braiden started teaching theatre and film to Indigenous youth at MTYP for a short while before departing to Vancouver to further his acting at the prestigious acting program of Studio 58 where he recently graduated from. Braiden is now back and forth in Winnipeg and Vancouver.  

Darla Contois

 Darla Contois is a Cree/Salteaux performer, playwright, poet and teacher. She graduated from the Centre for Indigenous Theatre’s professional training program in 2014, attended David Smukler’s National Voice Intensive and premiered her solo show White Man’s Indian at Summerworks 2017 in Toronto. She was awarded the Emerging Artist award for her work at the festival. Along with performing she has also been teaching storytelling and drama workshops across the country.

René Joshi Sims

René Joshi Sims is a Winnipeg artist with a heart for projects that invite everyone in. She works primarily with children and adults who have intellectual disabilities. René is a graduate of Creative Manitoba’s Community Collaborative Arts Training Program, MAWA’s advisory mentorship program, and Alberta College of Art and Design.
Lindsey Bond
Lindsey Bond is a lens-based artist, art educator, beader and Mother. Bond works with a photo-documentary ethic as a lift-off point to create street level photographic and postcard installations, books and video. Her work explores socio-geographic issues in Canada. Bond’s practice focuses on collaborations and alliances between indigenous and settler communities to further investigate Canadian perception of space, memory and identity. Current projects include: investigating the shifting ground surrounding defunct rail-lines in Manitoba, and the bridge as a metaphor for personal transformation.Lindsey received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and studied Visual Communications in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bond’s work has been exhibited across Canada including: Gallery 44; offsite installation on King and Spadina, Toronto; Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture; public transit installation in the Edmonton LRT, Harcourt House Arts Centre and The Richmond International Film + Media Arts Festival.
Ted Longbottom 
Ted Longbottom is a creative artist producing original and unique works of art in story and song.Ted  has inherited the oral and musical traditions of his Métis ancestors. He couples these with a contemporary outlook and understanding to celebrate the Métis culture in story and song. He illuminates the past  to stake out the future. Ted sees himself as a link in a long and vital tradition of storytelling, of cultural preservation and guardianship, and above all, of sharing the Métis way of living. 

Multi-instrumentalist Süss has released two albums of original songs, worked as the musical director for local independent professional and instructional musical theatre productions, made radio for CBC Radio1, and played the western flute in a middle-Eastern band. Süss plays and writes on the piano, synth and guitar. Their songs are harmonically lush, full of surprises, catchy and sad. Süss is grateful to be working as a musician on Treaty 1 territory.