Funding News

Many thanks to:

  • The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation for awarding Jumblies a 7th Performing Arts Internship grant for musician Julia Churchill;
  • The Government of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) for 3 years of funding for the Multicultural activities of our Scarborough project;
  • Toronto Community Housing’s Social Investment Fund, for awarding a new grant to engage TCH tenants from several sites in our Scarborough project;
  • the Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital Youth Program, supporting youth outreach and workshops and the formation of a youth troupe for our Scarborough project and production;
  • the Canada Council for the Arts, Theatre Section, for funding the 2010/11 creation phase of our Winter’s Tale adaptation in Scarborough;
  • the generous individuals who responded to our donations appeal to support participant bus rentals for our Scarborough May event, raising over $3,000; and last, but not least, our faithful core funders: the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council, Community Arts Programs, both of who have granted Jumblies multi-year funding with generous increases.
  • Toronto Alliance for Performing Arts TRIP Program, for granting Ruth Howard funds to travel to Vancouver and co-present their 2nd Arts For All Institute, and also to spend time on creative projects at the Valleyview Retreat Centre.

And Jumblies Theatre is proud to be featured on the Toronto Community Foundations new Community Knowledge Centre