Grounds For Goodness

Grounds for Goodness, an artful exploration of why and how people sometimes do good things towards each other:

We have all grown up with and inherited evidence that people, especially in groups, do harmful things to others – often those from other groups. We may be less aware of times that groups of people have helped, protected and rescued others from harm. These stories are there if we look for them – hidden in history, folk tale and memory. They show that elements can combine to nurture “social goodness” – a goodness that is perhaps “always difficult, rare and fragile. And yet possible.”* 

(*from the Fragility of Goodness, Tzvetan Todorov)

Created and guided over several years by Ruth Howard, with many artists, art forms, partners, participants and places, Grounds for Goodness will lead to a suite of short new works on the theme of “social goodness” to be publicly presented along the way, and in June 2021 at the Small Arms Building in Mississauga.

PARTNERS & CONTRIBUTORS: Gather Round Singers, MABELLEarts, Bernard Betel Centre, Continuum Contemporary Music, Camp Naivelt, Toronto Community Housing, Thinking Rock Community Arts, AlgomaTrad, Aanmitaagzi, OV-CAOS, Queens University Drama Dept, Toronto Creative Music Lab, Vancouver Moving Theatre & others

Grounds for Goodness is currently navigating through COVID-19 times and possibilities – including online workshops and explorations. Get in touch or stay tuned for emerging activities and information!

FUNDERS: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, SOCAN Foundation