Keep Us Talking (Treaties)!


As 2018 comes to a close, please consider making a donation to Jumblies to support the next phase of Talking Treaties.

If you attended our Talking Treaties Spectacle at Historic Fort York this October, you’ll have experienced just one outcome of this multi-year ‘project’ that artfully shares Toronto’s Indigenous and treaty histories, present, and possible futures. 

Continuing under the direction of Ange Loft in collaboration with Victoria Freeman, we are creating new events and resources to share more widely, including:

  • a short film including scenes from the Spectacle,
  • an illustrated treaty resource book sharing the knowledge gathered through this project
  • an installation featured at the 2019 Toronto Biennial, and
  • a creative partnership with Black Creek Pioneer Village

Your contribution will help make all this happen, if you’re able, please donate and Keep Us Talking (Treaties)!

Donations can also be through our page at or via cheque payable to ‘Jumblies Theatre’ and mailed to Jumblies Theatre, 126 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 0E3. 

Photo Credit: Kitsune Soleil performing at the 2017 Talking Treaties. Photographed by Liam Coo.