What We’re Doing!

This spring, Jumblies is focusing on the development of Odaabaanag: a collaboration between Jumblies and Soundstreams, enacting collaborations across community arts and contemporary music, as well as across cultures and regions.

Odaabaanag involves new works by Melody and Beverley McKiver, featuring a string quartet and the Gather Round Singers. It will receive a work-in-progress performance on May 5, 7:30pm, at the Arts & Letters Club (14 Elm St.). PWYC tickets will be available to reserve very soon. Click here to learn more: Odaabaanag.

Contact info@jumbliesthaetre.org to find out how to take part or attend.

Other Spring Happenings:
We have launched into a new partnership and storytelling and artmaking project called Who Knew? with the Bernard Betel Centre for Seniors in North York.

Our Talking Treaties project, headed by Ange Loft, with Victoria Freeman, continues to offer workshops to various educational and community groups and will be featured in a multi-media installation at the Small Arms Building, with the Toronto Biennial Fall 2019.

We continue to collaborate with Sol Express on theBirds Make Me Think of Freedom, which will be embarking on an Ontario tour in 2019/20.

Our learning and mentorship activities continue, including our partnership in Platform A,our Ontario Community Arts Exchange, and Artfare Essentials (or, this time, Crafting Community) with the Art Gallery of Burlington in July.

We are also happy to be contributing to activities atMABELLEarts (Iftar Nights), and the Community Arts Guild (Interlacing, a community play to be presented at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in August).

There will be Spring Pop-up Activities at The Ground Floor, with Jumblies and guest artists. Stay tuned, or contact info@jumbliestheatre.org.

Free! Everyone welcome! 

Photos from our 2018/19  Fall & Winter Drop-In Sessions

Photos from our 2018 Spring Drop-In Sessions

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