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Spring and Summer 2020 with Jumblies:

At Jumblies, as everywhere else, we're adapting and resurfacing in new ways as we navigate through the COVID-19 situation. Staff and artists are working from our homes to keep plans flexible and alive. 

Although our work is about the 'art of gathering'- bringing people together in the real world - and the value of this is hard to replace, people still want social and creative connections in these isolating times. And so we have entered into some remote and virtual activities to respond to these desires:

- Thanks to MABELLEarts, the Gather Round Singers were included in a month-long Virtual Iftar Nights event. Weekly Zoom community choir rehearsals were held, and voices were individually recorded and mixed into 8 original musical works, composed by Hussein Janmohamed, and including many professional musicians.

- Jumblies also designed and helped to facilitate a series of participatory activities as part of Virtual Iftar Nights, with about 150 participants and a concluding Virtual Gallery which opened May 28th.

- The Gather Round Singers will resume weekly gatherings on June 18th and continue to meet on Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm through June and July. We will be adding some interdisciplinary activities to these sessions - especially dance and choreography. New members (from any location) very welcome!

- We've been mailing or delivering quilt pieces to be embroidered and beaded for a new Talking Treaties quilt.

- We're working with Northern Ontario partners (Thinking Rock Community Arts, Aanmitaagzi, Ottawa Valley Open Arts Creative Studio) to continue remotely with some collaborative projects, including our Community Arts Exchange and Grounds For Goodness Tour.

- Our Talking Treaties team (Ange Loft, Victoria Freeman, Martha Stiegman) are taking the time to design and write an artful book - Treaty Guide for Toronto - in partnership with the Toronto Biennial of Art.

- And we're in touch with Toronto, Ontario and Canadian community arts networks, sharing approaches and ideas for navigating and recovering from the situation.

There will be more to come, as we continue to discover and build paths and bridges through these strange times. On the other side, once we can meet and make art in person again, what we have learned may allow us to make art in new inclusive, accessible and exciting ways.
Please contact us if you're interested in any of this, to find out what else is coming up, or just to say hello: at info@jumbliestheatre.org. 
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