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Fall 2020 with Jumblies:

Jumblies continues to make art with communities through COVID times, with a mix of virtual and real-life activities:

- Our main new project for the year is Grounds for Goodness, an artful exploration of how and why people sometimes behave in good ways towards each other. This theme is weaving through many activities, partnerships and projects, and will culminate in an presentation of new works (digital and live) at the Small Arms Inspection Building in June 2021. 

- From November 1 to 8, Jumblies will be in a virtual residency and presenting Grounds for Goodness Downtown Eastside - A Co-Production with Vancouver Moving Theatre
at the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival of Vancouver with an opening concert, public workshop, creative explorations with local residents, online and real-live galleries and a final interactive event. 


- The Gather Round Singers continue to meet every Thursday from 6-8pm. They are working on new musical and interdisciplinary works as part of Jumblies Grounds for Goodness project, with composers and artists: Arie Verheul van de Ven, Cheldon Paterson (SlowPitchSound), Kevin Ormsby and others. New members (from any location and any level of singing experience) very welcome!

- We are holding bi-weekly sewing Embroidery Drop-in, Wednesdays 6-8pm, Oct 21, Nov 4,18,Dec 2,16. Bring your own needlework or request a kit to be mailed from one of our fabric art projects.  

- We're working with Northern Ontario partners (Thinking Rock Community Arts, Aanmitaagzi, Ottawa Valley Open Arts Creative Studio) on collaborative projects, including our Grounds for Goodness tour and Community Arts Exchange.

- Our Talking Treaties team (Ange Loft, Victoria Freeman, Martha Stiegman) are designing and writing an artful book - Treaty Guide for Toronto, with accompanying website, and planning a new dance-based film to be presented by the 2nd Toronto Biennial of Art in Fall 2021. And the Talking Treaties Film - By These Presents: 'Purchasing' Toronto, has been screened at film festivals in Glasgow and California. 

- We're collaborating with MABELLEarts on two online iterations of Artfare Essentials (now called The Art of Community), a weekly youth arts group (Mabelle-Jumblies Young Creators) and workshops at the Arab Community Centre of Toronto and other newcomer groups.

Heartfelt thanks to funders who have generously allowed us to adapt and/or contributed new funding for COVID navigation, including: the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Toronto Foundation, Hal Jackman Foundation and Metcalf Foundation! 
Please contact us to find out how to take part, what else is coming up, or just to say hello: at info@jumbliestheatre.org. 

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