Our Four Lands Tour is headed to the Ottawa Valley!

Our Four Lands Tour is headed to the Ottawa Valley!

Join Jumblies and Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio (OVCAOS) for an interactive art-making project, to explore and express differing perspectives on place, through miniature worlds, written word, visual art, dance, music, and more! We will create the Goodland, Badland, Lostland, and Dreamland, and respond to questions such as:

How can we learn more deeply about a place, individually and collectively?

How do different people sharing the same land experience it differently?

What are the pleasures, fears, desires, challenges, dreams, and hidden stories in the Upper Ottawa Valley (Highway 60 Corridor)?

Everyone – all ages, backgrounds and abilities – welcome!

Facilitated by artists from Jumblies (Ruth Howard, Adrienne Marcus Raja and Rhonda Lucy and others) and from OVCAOS (Emma Manchester, Andy Trull, Sarah Yankoo and others).

For more info. contact: arts@ov-caos.org or info@jumbliestheatre.org

4Lands - OttawaValley Draft 2