Porte Parole Productions is Hiring!

Porte Parole Productions is Hiring!

Porte Parole Productions is looking to fill a few positions in their main office! Its a great opportunity so check it out! If you aren’t familiar with the work Porte Parole does here is a brief introduction:

Founded in 2000, Porte Parole is a Montreal bilingual doc-theatre company that is creating and producing verbatim-based plays about important social issues. Currently, Annabel Soutar’s play Seeds and its French version Grains, about the famous Schmeiser/Monsanto GMO-related legal battle, are available for touring. Two new plays are in production: The Watershed (Le Partage des eaux), about water politics in Canada, set to première as part of the cultural program of Toronto’s PanAm/ParaPanAm Games in July 2015, and Fredy, about Fredy Villanueva’s death and its aftermath, as part of Théâtre La Licorne’s 2015-2016 season.

Previously, Porte Parole made the news years before the Charbonneau commission with Sexy béton, its play about the corruption-induced 2006 collapse of the De la Concorde overpass in Laval and the human realities mainstream media never showed. A feature film drawn from the play is currently being developed by Les Films Outsiders.

And here are the positions that they are seeking to fill:

Communication_Marketing Director

Genaral Manager’s Assistant