Postcards for Emilie

Emilie LeBel, is one of two resident composers working with Jumblies this year. Emilie is with us through a partnership with  Soundstreams, with whom she also the Resident Composer. Through Soundmakers she is keeping a blog of her experiences on the project. You can read her first installment here, and you can read a bit more about her and the project here. Emilie is has recently moved to a new academic job in Montana, and so we are staying in touch through sending postcards, sound files and photos, until her next visit to Toronto in January. Below is a a photo of the first round of postcards that she recently received.

Our second resident composer is Jason Doell, in partnership with Continuum Contemporary Music. Jason has so far been getting acquainted with various Jumblies affiliated groups, and creating wonderful noisemaking devices.

Emilie and Jason’s work with Jumblies is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada, Metcalf Foundation and Toronto Arts Council ‘s Platform A.