Artfare Essentials (or the Art of Community)

Jumblies, in partnership with MABELLEarts, offered an online adaption of our Artfare Essentials three times in November 2020, January 2021, and February 2021, under the name ‘Art of Community’.

We will offer Artfare Essentials again, online or in real life, later this year. Please send us a message ( to be placed on an info and waiting list, and with any questions. 

What is it?

  • An introduction to principles and practices of arts that engage with and create community;
  • Many things you need to know to undertake your own community arts project;
  • An orientation to potential work or apprenticeship with Jumblies and Offshoots;
  • A gathering of diverse people interested in community-engaged arts;
  • A mix of presentation, discussion, art-making, site visits, and take-home resources;
  • A time to consider and discuss the joys & challenges inherent in this work;
  • An intensive, fun, thought-provoking, immersive 6-day experience.

Topics include:

    • Definitions, terms, & guiding principles
    • Project visioning and planning
    • Partnerships (with arts and other sectors)
    • Research (arts and oral history-based)
    • Facilitation (making art with people)
    • Bridging diverse cultures and traditions
    • Collaborating across disciplines, forms, and traditions
    • Navigating  conflicts and challenges
    • History and legacies of Jumblies
    • Evaluation, documentation, sustainability, legacy

Cost: Usually we charge a low sliding-scale fee – details will be provided when workshops are announced. For online workshops, you will need to bring some of your own art supplies for which a list will be provided. 

Support: ASL interpretation and translation between English and other languages can be arranged, as well as technical support for online participation. If other supports and accommodations are needed, please let us know.

Process: Once new dates are announced, please fill in the online application form, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for info and assistance (

Certification: Participants will receive a certificate of completion from Jumblies and relevant partners. This workshop is respected across Canada as a qualification for community arts employment and funding. However, it does not claim to cover all areas and topics integral to this work and is only one piece in a learning path or process.

The workshop can also be adapted for other locations, partners and contexts.

If you are interested in attending or in bringing a workshop to your community (virtually or really), please get in touch.

Reports & Testimonials

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Two articles about the 2009 Vancouver Arts For All Institute – click here.
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“[Artfare] Essentials taught me how to embrace new skills & the way I can collaborate with other artists. I came into the workshop in a frustrated state of mind, and I left feeling equipped & inspired, with many of my fears and anxieties dissolved.”
“We were able to touch on oral history research, hands on application, group work, project development, evaluation, funding and more—a comprehensive intensive primer for developing community arts.”

“I’d do this again in a heartbeat!”


Artfare Essentials Archives 2015 – 2018