Jumblies offers internship/apprenticeship opportunities to artists from all disciplines, traditions, career stages and regions of Canada. Introductory internships usually last from 1 to 6 months, and more advanced internships can extend for a full year or longer. The structure of the internships varies from year to year, project to project and person to person, but typically includes the following elements:

  • taking part in Artfare Essentials, our6-day intensive workshop;
  • assisting Jumblies-affiliated artists in a variety of workshops and activities;
  • contributing and participating in ongoing company activities;
  • choosing specific mentors and a primary project focus;
  • taking a role to serves individual learning interests and the current opportunities and needs of Jumblies and Offshoots;
  • taking part in Jumblies seminars and workshops;
  • developping and demonstrating competency in core and individual skill areas;
  • designing, facilitating and evaluating their own mentored mini-projects;
  • receiving guidance for future plans and aspirations as

We sometimes have funds and bursaries for internships, and/or can arrange for paid work-learn positions. Sometimes interns find their own means of support and we can suggest some possible sources.

We welcome and accommodate practicum students from a variety of arts and cross-sector programs, as well as high school students seeking community hours. Generally these are volunteer positions, as we don’t usually offer pay for placements within accredited programs.

We also are developing a new provincial and national Youth Intern Exchange Program, partly thanks to recent funds for 2016-17 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

For more information on Jumblies internship opportunities, please contact