Other Workshops

Artfare Essentials is our foundational workshop on the principles and practices of community arts.

As well, we offer more in-depth and special-topic workshops, ranging from a couple of hours to several days long. Examples include:

  • Oral History and Artmaking: creative approaches, ethical/aesthetic/ cultural questions, technical skills involved in interview-based projects and gathering and expressing personal stories.
  • Project Perculator: developing actual projects to the next stage ( initial plan, grant proposal, practice workshop),
  • Discipline-specific workshops: directing, music creation/composition, choreography/dance, visual design, collaborative writing…
  • Facilitation: guiding principles and practices and individual approaches to making art with people,
  • Intercultural Collaboration: working across together ethnicity, age, class, ability, faith, gender, sexuality…
  • ‘Talking Treaties’ workshops and presentations (with Ange Loft), about Toronto’s Indigenous and treaties histories and present responsibilities,
  • Workshops tailor-made to suit the interests and needs of a specific, partner, project, group or place.

Our workshops include a variety of learning modes, including:

  • hands-on and playful creative activities;
  • presentations of relevant projects and work;
  • consideration of critical questions and ideas;
  • practical skills-development;
  • site visits to relevant projects or locations;
  • take-home print and digital resources.

We can also send staff and associates to present at events and conferences.

Contact us if you would like to bring a Jumblies workshop or presentation to your region, community or event.

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