The Whispering Shadows of the Forest

On December 13 of 2010, ARTS4ALL presented The Forest of Shadows, an installation performance that combined  visual art environment, live performance, sound collage, radio drama and shadow projection to create an interactive playground of light and sound. The evening featured stories of fear and courage by the Pelham Park Seniors, the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre (DPNC) Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish Speaking Seniors, DPNC Literacy Learners, and starred the Arts4All Players and participants in the Jumblies Studio Arts For All Essentials workshop as both masked and storytelling performers.

Artists included Liz Rucker (Artistic Director, Writer), Dan Watson (Director), Eric Schwindt (Composer), Beth Frey (Designer) and Sean Frey (Projections). Bill G., a DPNC Literacy Learner, was in the audience, and kindly wrote this review about his experience:

It was a welcoming sight to enter into the shadows of the forest. Walking thought made you feel like the forest came to life. I particularly liked the lion that each time somebody walked by, he would roar and scratch at its victims that go by her way. There was a scary animal like man, with a stick in his hand that seemed to be banging it trying to wake up the forest. Then there were all these different shapes and sizes of people with snow white masks, that seemed to be frozen in time. They came to life when the animal like man came running and banging, scaring them off. The lights that made all of the shadows on the walls seemed to be a little eerie as you walk through. The forest seemed to be whispering with the waving of its branches. It was a great sight to behold. Then there were the stories the forest had to share with you, as you could reach for one of the head phones to hear the tales of the forest, like the brave lion, or the woman who had enough courage to stand up to her boss. It gave you a sense of courage too, to hear and see all of these people and animals that stood up for themselves. It was to say the least a very entertaining and new experience that you will really enjoy.

Light Box, Sean Frey & others, Photo: Katherine Fleitas

Arts4All is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.