Too Short To Suck is back at Clay and Paper Theatre!

Too Short To Suck is back at Clay and Paper Theatre!

‘Too Short to Suck’ is back this March! We had such a great time at Clay & Paper Theatre for their inaugural night of work-in-progress performances by a variety of artists and are thrilled to see it happening again. ‘Too Short to Suck: Too Little Time to Die’ will take place March 11th, as before the submission process is open to all! Here are the guidelines:

Deadline: Feb 19, 2016

Too Short to Suck is an evening dedicated to works-in-progress. The second edition of Too Short to Suck will be held March 11, 2016. This is an evening where people can perform in a low-pressure environment for an encouraging audience and experiment with new ideas.


– performances must be in the categories of puppetry, object theatre, street theatre or circus arts

– 250 word max description of your project

– 100 word bio or you/your group

Most importantly:

It is the fervent desire of Clay & Paper Theatre to encourage people to abandon propriety, escape the mundane, astonish the innocent, and perplex the sophisticated. With this in mind, shows that are scrappy and have something to say are more exciting to us than polished shows that are vapid. If you have a show that can change the world in under 10 minutes, you’re our kinda creative rabble-rouser!

Please send your questions and/or submissions to Kristi at by Feb 19, 2016.