At Fort York Historical Site

Talking Treaties is a participatory multi-arts project, with the goal of artfully sharing local Indigenous knowledge and awareness. It engaged over 300 participants in its research and development, generating symbols, poetry, and expressive maps, which have influenced and are now featured as content in the production. This project strives to expand meaning, knowledge, and personal relationships to encompass the historical and contemporary responsibilities we share as treaty people. Under the Concrete is a choral response to the same themes.

Talking Treaties Spectacle
June 23, 6:30 pm, PWYC admission
June 24, 12 – 6 pm (installation only)
June 25, 5:15pm, PWYC & $5 entry to the Indigenous Arts Festival

A large-scale immersive event, bringing together professional and community performers to explore the treaty history of the Toronto area.

Lead Artist, Director, Co-Writer: Ange Loft
Historical Researcher, Co-Writer: Victoria Freeman
Researcher and Actor: Jill Carter
Choreographer: Lilia Leon, Brian Solomon
Composer, Musician (viola): Melody McKiver
Composer, Musician (accordion): Johnny Spence
Composer: Brian Valdivia
Songwriter: Rosary Spence
Costume Designer/Coordinator: Marianne Alas
Set and Props Designer: Sonja Rainey
Parker Dirks: Assistant Designer
Julia Hune Brown: Dance Coordinator, Interviewer
Kelly King: Research & Making Assistant
Actor: Jesse Wabegijig, Kitsune Soleil, Ashley Riley, Candy Blair, Tomas Cavalheiro-Chin, Nikki Shaffeellah, Rosina Kazi, Karis Jones Pard
Community Programming Coordinator: Jackie Omstead
Production Stage Manager: Sasha Tate Howarth
Technical Director: Steafan Hannigan
Assistant Stage Manager: Iehente Foote
Audio Engineer, Audio Artist: Alaska B
Documentation: Adrienne Marcus Raja
Photographer: Liam Coo
Videographer: Sofia Bohdanowicz
and many other artists and community members..

Under The Concrete

A choral reflection on our themes of historical questioning, learning and acknowledgement for all who now live on this land

Composer: Martin van de Ven
With original & traditional songs created & sung by Rosary Spence
Librettist: Ruth Howard, including text from community members, local news, the Toronto Purchase (Treaty 13) & poems by Victoria Freeman
Musicians: Vania Chan (soprano), Brian Katz (guitar), Arie van de Ven (viola), Rick Sacks (percussion), with The Ground Floor Choir, conducted by Shifra Cooper.

Dish With One Spoon

Composer: Melody McKiver