Vancouver Downtown Eastside Institute

by Ruth Howard: Leah Houston and I just spent a week in Vancouver, delivering the second Downtown Eastside Arts For All Essentials in partnership with Vancouver Moving Theatre. It was a 5-day intensive workshop – mixing a learning experience in community arts leadership with an actual project, exploring a fusion of culinary and other art forms and culminating in a performative feast, altogether attended by about 40 participants. It all took place at Oppenheimer Park, in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, in partnership with the Carnegie Community Centre, and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Other arts facilitators were Savannah Walling (for Vancouver Moving Theatre), Rosemary Georgeson (food), Beverly Dobrinsky (music) and Sharon Bayly (coordination), with guest presentations by Cease Wyss and Lorelie Hawkins. Thanks to all our Vancouver partners and funders for a wonderful time, and to TAPA for funding my travel through the TRIP program.

photo by: Ali Lohan