• Bridge of One Hair

    Bridge of One Hair
    Highlights from the 2007 production of Bridge of One Hair at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
  • Talking Treaties Slideshow

    Talking Treaties Slideshow
  • Four Lands Tour – Where We’ve Been

    Four Lands Tour – Where We’ve Been
    FOUR LANDS is a Jumblies touring project, bringing together visiting and local artists and community members to create and animate miniature worlds expressing differing perspectives on the places we live: Goodland, Badland, Lostland, Dreamland. Destinations in 2016 and 2017 include Thunder Bay, The Ottawa Valley, Sioux Lookout, Kenora, Vancouver, the Maritimes, Toronto and the Prairies.
  • Four Lands of Nipissing

    Four Lands of Nipissing
  • A Show 2015

    A Show 2015
    The A Show was A was a night of visual art, live music, literary performance, fashion, video, and community art projects held June 18 at the Sketch studios in Artscape Young Place. Over 200 people came out to celebrate the work of 48 emerging and newcomer artists.
  • Train of Thought Journey

    Train of Thought Journey
    Our 2-month west-to-east-coast tour, with 70+ Travellers and 20+ stops is over. We are now entering its legacy phase, which will include gradually updating the Train of Thought website as an interactive archive; editing and sharing photo, audio and video documentation; evaluating and reflecting on the experience; and entering into new collaborative plans, projects and partnerships that were sparked by the adventure. Stay tuned to for more information about legacy projects coming over the next year or so!
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