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Community Arts Guild

The Community Arts Guildmakes art of all sorts with the people of East Scarborough: inviting those who may not normally have the opportunity to participate; connecting people separated from each other because of distance, language, income, age, culture or ability; celebrating and discovering the traditions they bring along; and building community through our art-making.

All ages, abilities and levels of experience welcome. 

The Community Arts Guild was sparked by Jumblies multi-year Scarborough residency. Following the production of Like An Old Tale in 2011, the Community Arts Guild has become an independent community-based arts organization, still collaborating with Jumblies, but also producing its own projects and commanding its own funding. 

Artistic Director: Beth Helmers
Dillon Cox & Loentes Puppet, Like An Old Tale,
Dec. 2011, Photo: Katherine Fleitas

Core Artsists include: Sean Frey, Andrea Thring, Cathy Nosaty, Lilia Leon, Marianne Alas, Peter Jones, Sharada K. Eswar, Sonja Rainey*
(*a 2014 Metcalf  Foundation Intern through Jumblies Theatre)

For more information call 416-203-8428 or email: