Allan Merovitz

Allan is a singer, actor, clown, storyteller and Badchan (Jewish Wedding Host).  Most recently, Allan has been touring and performing with his own musical shows, reflecting his knowledge and interest in Yiddish repertoire and Jewish tradition.

The Wedding Project creates a traditional Jewish wedding, hosted by the character of the Badchan with an accompanying Klezmer band. It has toured extensively in Ontario and Europe and especially Holland and Switzerland.

Allan has also created a Chunnukah show, with storytelling, to accompany a Dutch CD launch tour of Festival of Light with the Dutch Klezmer group Ot Azoj.

Allan sings with a number of Klezmer bands such as Chutzpah, Hou Tsa Tsa, Hot Latkes and Beyond the Pale, as well as his own band The Simcha Klezmer Ensemble.  

Previously Allan has performed at Artword with Brian Katz in an evening of Yiddish "heartsongs" called Hartzedikelider.  For many years  the lead singer with the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, Allan can be heard on their first two CD's.

As an actor, Allan has performed from coast to coast in Canada including the Caravan Stage Company, 25th Street Theatre, the Edmonton Fringe and Mulgrave Road Co-op, and in Toronto with Kensington Karnival, and Ground Zero as well as television and film roles.

He has appeared in two plays by Ronald Weihs, Hands Up! (The Bill Miner Story) and Highball!